Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Our Tea Stash

I cleared an area from one of our bookcases to put the tea we have. This was last week.

Since taking the above picture, I have had to clear out a second area in the next bookcase to add some more teas. We bought four small packages from the Zhu Ye Qing store and Sunee just found a "lost" bag of tea we bought when we were in Leishan in Guizhou. This tea is called Qing Ming Cha. From what I can tell it means the green tea was picked during the Qing Ming Festival. I have seen a lot of tea advertised as pre-Qing Ming. If this is the same tea we were drinking right after our Guizhou trip, it is really good. We shall see!

A missing bag of tea from Leishan in Guizhou Province. If this is the same we had, it will be good.

This is what the Leishan tea looks like. It appears to be finely broken pieces with stems mixed in. Wonder what that means?

Excellent tea. Taste almost like a Mao Feng but not as strong and hardy

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