Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Another Day, Another Tea Tasting Party Planned

The Qi Of Tom

Another day, another fun activity

Dedicated to the tree of desirability

We know all about this kind of tree

The tree that brought us all our tea

As we sat here with our open pot

We hoped to get our tea real hot

Dear Tom did work his magic great

And provided us with tea first rate

We heroes great were on his side

He filled our cups with speed and pride

With water hot and the qi of tea

We waited for him in solidarity

Tom did his thing both quick and true

And made us all one great brew

It was from Emei our mountain near

Twas Zhu Ye Qing the green so dear

We filled our cups not once but thrice

And drank them down at Tom’s advice

We were all experts in the qi of tea

Except for Tom, as we all could see

Tom cried out loud for the qi to come

His cheeks were red and his body numb

He poured his tea and we saw him frown

He bit his lips and swallowed it down

The tea passed down his anxious throat

At first a silence then a rumbling note

The qi began to flow into Tom’s sad face

His head spun around and his heart did race

The qi was strong in Tom this day

He is now one of us all the way