Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Teas From Our Latest Chinese Adventure

Last month (April) we traveled once again to China and, as always, started and ended our trip at our beloved Emei Mountain.  And, as usual, we were given wonderful green tea from Emei by our many friends in the area.  We have several packages of Zhu Ye Qing green and recently processed Qingming green tea from the mountain as well.

Additionally, I found some unusual tea in Xian, the local Xiyang Mao Jian tea and some Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong Hong Cha from Fujian that the dealer in Xian recommended.  In addition, I had picked up some local Bi Lo Chuan green tea during our stay in LangZhong, Sichuan.  Before we left Chengdu, we also made a visit to the Tea City and got some black tea bricks to take back with us.  For not being a true tea trip, I think we did OK.  Will be tasting these teas as soon as I finish our travel journal for our Travellerspoint travel blog.

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Hannah said...

Travelling around China is always an interesting experience! But a great way to sample many types of yChinese tea