Sunday, December 7, 2008

Guan Yin Wang

Guan Yin Wang means the king of the Iron Goddess Teas. Tie Guan Yin is listed as one of the top ten best teas in China. Guan Yin Wang, therefore, is supposed to be the king of Tie Guan Yin. According to what I found on the internet, the taste of this tea is light and can make people's mouth fresh and clean. The best way to make this tea is to use a small pot with hot water. It is supposed to be able to make 6-7 steepings. Let's check this great tea out as we bought a couple of pounds when we were in Chengdu last time.

As you can see, the leaves are a mixture of dark and green. Most of them are tightly curled with some easily recognized as tea leaves. The color seems to be about 60 percent green and 40% dark. Rather an interesting looking tea.

A close up of the leaves pretty well looks like tea leaves with the green being a very pretty shade. The dark leaves are definitely dark as you can see.

Here is the label from the bag we bought the tea in. We had the loose leaves placed in the container from the store that specialized in this tea. This just proves that the tea at least came from a Guan Yin Wang tea bag.

With my cute little pot, I placed about a spoonful of the dried leaves in the pot and filled it with hot water. Did my first drain and then refilled the pot. I let the tea leaves steep for about a minute and had my first Guan Yin Wang tea. Was it light? Absolutely and it was also very refreshing.

As I surfed the web, I had three more steepings of the tea and I found that the fifth was, indeed, the best. The tea is mild and refreshing with indications that it has affects on my senses. By the time I had a couple of cups, I felt slightly alert, not that I was falling asleep or anything. This tea is very, very good. We will be taking some of it back to Thailand with us for sure.

The leaves unfurl and are quite large in relation to what we have been drinking before. As you can see in the pot, the leaves are definitely leaves from the tea plant. This is a wonderful tea to drink throughout the day.

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