Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Punishing the Tea Traitors

The peaks of Emei do not call to me
Neither can I look upon their beauty
Nor do I walk in the forests in awe
For today like yesterday is cold and raw

The teas on her slopes drink in her mist
Oh, yes her green teas are hard to resist
Two weeks on and the mists remain
For humans it is nothing but a pain

Crying out for the mountain to cease
The mist and rain and give us peace
She laughs at us and continues the pace
Of mist filled air and water in the face

Her beautiful temples do not beckon me
Stay away from rocks for they’re slippery
The cold is real and cuts to the bone
Hey, I know this because I’m not alone

She’s scolding us daily this great mountain Emei
Making us pay for not drinking her tea each day
It’s three weeks since we’ve seen the sun
Living in her shadow is not much fun

Kindly stop this cold mist from coming down
Making us miserable here on the ground
We promise to drink only your wonderful tea
Please stop the cold mist and give us some liberty

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