Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Tibet Sweet Tea

I received some Tibet Sweet Tea from my Tibetan student, Ms. Trysa. She is one of the few Tibetan students we have here at Southwest Jiaotong University-Emei Branch and I was very excited to have her in my Freshmen Writing Class. She is absolutely a beautiful woman, I was surprised by her gift. Although I have been drinking this tea for breakfast off and on since Christmas, I thought now would be a good time to introduce it to you.

During the Welcome Freshmen night, Trysa performed a traditional Tibetan dance in Tibetan costume. She was wonderful!

This is the "chop" on the top of the box of instant Tibetan Sweet Tea.

No need for me to copy this off the box to let you know what is inside.

The box contained ten packages of instant Tibetan Sweet Tea. I think I have around five left.

The bags are typical instant tea bags and are easily opened and very convenient to use.

The sweet tea is great for breakfast and especially if one likes coffee with cream and sugar. The tea is almost the flavor of chocolate and certainly has the color to match the flavor. Overall, this is a really interesting tea and probably gives one a "taste" of the Tibetan sweeten tea. I bet it is close to the famous "Yak Butter Tea" I have heard so much about. Any one ever try the "yak butter" tea?

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