Monday, March 30, 2009

A Tea House in the Nongyuan Artist Village of Chengdu

This past Saturday (March 28), we met Bogdan and his wife, Weiyan, in Chengdu and traveled to the Nongyuan Artist Village of Chengdu (see my where we had lunch and visited for about three hours. As we walked through the beautiful setting, we came across a restaurant and tea house that were in the process of being finished. The tea house was open so we went in to check it out. The following pictures and information are about this very unique tea house set up for the resident artists.

A great "stash" of puerh on an antique Chinese medicine cabinet.

In addition to the main tea table in the front, the tea house had four antique looking tables with four chairs around the spacious and sunny room. Each table had its own tea server of different design and size. Here we see a tradition tea server carved from a single piece of wood with all the normal accessories.

This table had a very attractive tea server with coaster and hot water pot ready for guest to sit, relax and enjoy their tea.

A traditional Chinese tea server located near the windows with a beautiful view of the surrounding bamboo forests and flowers in the area.

Another table and another server. Again, this table afforded a view of the garden setting of the tea house.

A huge carved water buffalo gave an impressive feel to the main tea table located in the front of the tea house.

A second "stash" of puerh stood across the room from the first. Again, it was actually an antique Chinese medicine cabinet. What a great idea for storing one's precious teas!

One of the local resident artist welcomes me to their tea house with a great cup of puerh tea. The tea was really good with hints of floral and mushrooms.

A nice deep orange colored liquor made me feel welcome and warm toward the three artists who were enjoying a tea together.

These interesting tea canisters were filled with different puerh's from their collection, all ready to be brewed and enjoyed.

The tea house was beautiful and gave a feeling of warmth and friendliness that Sunee and I would like to replicate one of these days in our dream traditional Chinese compound we plan to build in Thailand.