Monday, September 29, 2008

Emei Mountain Mao Feng

This is a review of the Emei Mountain Mao Feng we bought recently at one of the many tea shops along the tourist section of Baguan Village. It is light. It is very light, especially compared to the Mengding Shan Mao Feng. They taste very similar but the Mengding Mao Feng is at least twice as strong as the Mao Feng from Emei with the same steeping times.

You can easily see the difference with the Emei tea coming out rather pale. In fact, to get it to look as beautiful as the Mengding tea, we had to steep it almost three times as long. Now, is this because we bought inferior tea or does Emei produce a milder form of the Mao Feng. Heck if I know.

The dried tea is much lighter than the Mengding Mao Feng. There seems to be about 10% - 15% lighter leaves among the dark in the Emei tea. The leaves themselves even felt a bit lighter.

One can easily see the difference between the Mengding Mountain and Emei Mountain Mao Fengs. Can you pick the tea from the two different sources?

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