Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ten Fu Tea Museum, Jia Jiang

A panorama view of the museum area

Entrance to the main buildings

The Ten Fu Tea Museum is located on the expressway to Chengdu in Jia Jiang. On September 6, 2008, Southwest Jiaotong University - Emei Branch took its foreign teachers on a cultural trip in the area. Our trip ended at the tea museum where we had a wonderful experience learning about tea.

The following pictures tell of our adventures with tea at the museum:

Inside the museum

View in the main display area

Professionally done throughout the museum

Manikins love tea as well

Two manikins prepare and serve tea to the head manikin

A manikin and his stuffed horses do the Tea Horse trail to Tibet

Cooking the tea to bring out the flavors

Sunee checks out the different kinds of tea found throughout China

On The Museum Grounds

Traffic signs so one does not get lost on the museum grounds

Zoe and the bronze tea guy pouring tea Sichuan style

A beautifully detailed bronze of ancient tea carriers

Sales Area

A well stocked sales area to insure the best tea for all

Zoe, our international teacher coordinator, bought us all tea mooncakes to celebrate the coming holiday

And, of course, we all got to taste the local teas compliments of a beautiful tea "master"

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